The population of Muslims in South Bangalore has seen a tremendous leap in the past few decades. The bustling community has made efforts to fulfill their needs and requirements like houses, shops, hotels, businesses, mosques and madrasas etc. The lifetime needs are somehow taken care of. But, when somebody amongst them dies, he/she needs a place to get buried. Sadly, not much thought is given to this basic necessity. No new Muslim burial ground has come up in South Bangalore or for that matter in almost any other place in Bangalore for decades. With the rise in population, the number of people who die is also increasing. But the same existing Khabrastans have to accomodate the increased demand. Further, the existing Khabrastans are shrinking due to encroachment, construction activity or Government orders probihiting burial. With no other option, the managing committees have adopted the system of re-using the graves. In some places, graves have been recycled within a very short period after burial. At some other places, an upper storey for burial has been created by dumping sand on the existing graves. However, these are just short-term measures which do not offer permanent solutions.

The only solution to this burning issue is to establish new burial grounds, not only for the present generation but also for the generations to come. Efforts to get Government land have not succeeded so far and in places like Bangalore, it is all the more difficult. The only alternative is for the community to purchase suitable land specifically for this purpose. This is what the Bismillah Khabrastan Trust (Regd.) has ventured to do.

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