Burial Ground

Water Draining

All Facilities Under One Roof

Many of the layouts in the vicinity are having apartments where there is no space for Bathing the Dead. Therefore, this Khabrastan will InshaAllah have a modern bath facility for the dead with a platform equipped with provision for Water Draining. There will be separate Waiting Rooms for male and female relatives/friends of the dead. InshaAllah, a mosque will also be built. Efforts will be made to make available all the items required for bathing and burying the dead at the site. Ambulances to transport the dead will be another feature of this burial ground. All these will make this a one-stop burial ground where bathing, Namaz-E-Janaza and burial can be completed without having to run around to different places. Precious time and energy are saved. The entire process will be just a phone call away.

Waiting Rooms For Female

Waiting Rooms For male

Dead Body Bathing Ambulances
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